PMP InterConnect Offers Interoperability with Healthcare

Access PMP Data at the Point-Of-Care

Now healthcare providers and dispensers can intervene for patient safety and play an important role in mitigating potential controlled substance abuse and drug diversion. By utilizing the PMP Gateway service to access PMP InterConnect, a patient report can be viewed within the patient’s electronic health record or pharmacy dispensing record.

Streamline Searches

With an automatic electronic request built into the software, PMP data is ready to view within the daily workflow. Healthcare providers and dispensers can review a patient’s medical records while also seeing the patient’s prescriptions in the PMP data.

Save Time & Stay Focused on the Patient

Providers and dispensers can spend more time focused on patient care instead of logging into a separate website or inputting patient demographics.

Enable Delivery of Multi-State PMP Data

From a single access point, providers and pharmacists can view PMP data from multiple states. This can help ensure that no important information is missed as a provider evaluates a patient’s controlled substance prescription history.

Easy Integration and Support for Hospitals and Pharmacies

Experience Hassle-Free Integration

PMP InterConnect and PMP Gateway support multiple integration protocols so hospitals and pharmacies can use the one that best suits their health IT systems.

Automate Data Delivery

PMP data is delivered in real–time at the point-of-care. Automated access provides peace of mind, delivering automated compliance to prescribers and pharmacists who are required to use PMP reports.

Seamless Integration and Compliance

Integrates “Your Way”

PMP InterConnect and PMP Gateway make it simple. When a state connects to PMP InterConnect, PMP Gateway leverages the connection; there are no additional systems to learn or manage.

Safeguard PMP Data Access

Both PMP InterConnect and PMP Gateway enforce the data access rules that have been predetermined by state law, which provides full transparency for all PMP-related transactions and identifies who is accessing the data.