Integration into Clinical Workflow

Since their inception, prescription monitoring programs (PMPs) have proven to be effective in combating prescription drug abuse and misuse nationwide. However, integrating PMP data, analytics, insights, and resources into electronic health records (EHRs) and pharmacy management system workflows is the critical next step in the progression of optimizing PMP data—and it is happening today.

PMP Gateway is the standard for accessing multi-state PMP information within the prescriber’s and dispenser’s daily workflow. PMP Gateway increases utilization of PMP information for every patient encounter at the point-of-care and in real-time through integration with EHRs and pharmacy management systems.

Currently, 39 PDMPs have agreed to integrate PMP information, and much more, into clinical workflows through PMP Gateway.

Today, PMP Gateway supports more than 82 million patient encounters every month.

Overview: Integration into Clinical Workflow

For Care Teams:

For care teams, PMP Gateway enables efficient access to a patient’s prescription information and more within the workflow of the electronic health record (EHR). Previously, a prescriber needed to log into one or more separate websites to retrieve a patient’s controlled substance history from the state PMPs and then cross-reference that data.

PMP Gateway has a proven time savings to providers by eliminating log-in and data entry, thus making them more efficient in their daily activities. It also provides information, advanced insights, and patient support tools directly within the EHR workflow to help providers effectively improve patient care.

For Hospitals:

For health systems, hospitals, and physician practices, PMP Gateway simplifies access to controlled substance prescription information by providing a single access point that integrates into most EHRs, thus saving the development and maintenance costs for individual integrations with each state PMP (for interstate data). PMP Gateway provides the benefit of a rules-driven data integration service and platform that supports multiple protocols and multiple states with just one interface.

For PMP Administrators:

PMP Gateway secures the data, ensures that use of the data adheres to all state guidelines, ensures transparency of transactions, and provides them with the control of authorizing connections to health IT systems. With PMP Gateway, there is no more data entry by the end-users, meaning no more misspelled names or transposed digits of the birth date. Prescribers are limited to accessing PMP data on persons within their facility and who are their patients. Pharmacists are limited to accessing PMP data on persons for whom they are in the process of filling a prescription. Each state controls access according to its state law. There are full audit trails. Most importantly, it saves administrators from having to manage multiple, individual systems connected directly to their PMPs. For PMP administrators, PMP Gateway is a fully-managed service with 24/7 support that secures the data, ensures transparency of transactions, and provides them with the control of authorizing connections to health IT systems.

How It Works

PMP Gateway enables access to data, analytics, tools, and resources from PMPs within care team workflows in real-time, at the point-of-care, to improve patient safety and outcomes. It is a managed–service platform that provides comprehensive connectivity, clinical decision support, patient support, patient engagement, and care coordination that interoperates seamlessly with leading EHR and pharmacy management systems, PMP InterConnect, and 42 PMPs across the U.S. Native integrations are complete with most major EHRs and pharmacy system vendors, making implementation quick for interested health systems and pharmacies.

PMP Gateway is a managed service that is fully supported 24/7/365. Any future changes required by the health system can be implemented for all connected states.

Kansas, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Michigan, Virginia, Arizona, Massachusetts, and Ohio have deployed (or are in the process of funding) PMP Gateway licenses to ALL prescribers and dispensers in their states. Many more states are in-process today.