What They Are Saying About Gateway

“Leveraging this technology is a true testament to Connecticut Children’s commitment to excellent healthcare as the prevention of prescription drug misuse is a matter of enormous personal and public health significance that demands collaboration across all settings,” said Dr. Richelle DeMayo, Chief Medical Information Officer at Connecticut Children’s. “Connecticut Children’s and our providers are excited to lead the way for others across the state to make use of available information to protect patients and families from overdose and drug diversion. The benefits of EHR integration into state PMPs has been widely recognized as beneficial to improving patient safety, mitigating drug diversion, and ensuring compliance.”

“Although Ohio has had a PMP for years, the web page has been cumbersome to navigate and difficult to interpret the results. Since the incorporation of (PMP) Gateway, those issues have all been resolved,” said Bruce Jones, Division Chief of Emergency Medicine, ED Medical Director, OhioHealth Doctors Hospital.

“The pharmacists in all Michigan Kroger stores can now easily identify patients for whom controlled substance usage is unusually high and address overuse or abuse concerns without the need to log into different websites for the information they need in clinical decision making,” said Bill Shinton, Director of Pharmacy Operations for The Kroger Co. “Immediate access to prescription drug monitoring programs within the pharmacy workflow puts the best information and insights available into the hands of our pharmacists to ensure the safety of our patients and to comply with state regulations.”

Kroger has enabled in-workflow information access in 18 states and more than 1,500 pharmacies across the U.S.

“By integrating PMP data and more into existing workflows, Virginia hopes to improve the access, usability and performance of PMP information for 18,000 prescribers and 400 pharmacies in the Commonwealth by 2018. As a result, in the coming years, Virginia should anticipate a drop in prescription drug overdose deaths,” said Ralph Orr, Commonwealth of Virginia PMP Director.